25. August 2016

Intensify Your Detox Effect at Vilalara Longevity

Want to boost the effects of your detox retreat? Pair it up with Thalassotherapy treatments for more profound results.


Located in the stunning Algarve region of Portugal,  Vilalara Longevity combines cutting edge medical spa facilities with the therapeutic healing qualities of Thalassotherapy for deeper detoxification and revitalization.

Whether we realize it or not, we are constantly exposed to toxins, and our body has become a reservoir for toxins: harmful compounds enter our bodies in the form of pesticides, fertilizers, hormone-based food additives, drugs, air pollution, heavy metal, stress etc. Toxins are also naturally found in our body as the end products of the metabolic process and bacterial waste.

The problem starts when accumulated toxins overload the liver and other detoxification organs and impair the elimination process, resulting in weight gain and several other health problems, such as auto-immune disease, chronic inflammation, oxidative stress and excessive free radical activity, all increasing our chances of developing chronic diseases.

Vilalara Longevity recognises that regular detox is essential for dealing with this issue and that combining the healing powers of Thalassotherapy with high impact Medical Spa therapies greatly enhances the effects on detox and wellbeing.

Thalassotherapy which uses the healing properties of seawater as a medical solution, the detox effect is highly enhanced. Packed full of natural metals, minerals, algae and salts that are absorbed through the skin, seawater is incredibly effective in healing and refreshing a tired body.

Vialalara Longevity offers warmed seawater showers, a range of applications of marine mud and algae and incredibly effective inhalation of seawater fogs, which help boost the body's blood and lymph circulation, accelerating the metabolism and promoting the elimination of toxins.

The seawater high-pressure jets help reduce tension from the back and shoulders and cleans the skin and pores.

Thalassotherapy treatments together with Juice Fasting, Detox supplements, Alkaline Water, Lymphatic Drainage, Osteopathy, Pressotherapy, Hidrocolon Therapy, Ozonetherapy, Detox Infusions (IV+Oral), Detoxifying Spa & Hydro Therapies, Mindfulness, Stress Management therapies and Body&Mind Activities, in a relaxing environment will all act individually and collectively to maximize impact in detoxification, rebalancing, regeneration and wellbeing.

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