25. August 2016

Ti Sana Announces a New Scienfitic Addition to Healtheatarian

Ti Sana luxury detox retreat & Spa continues to bring in unique science-based approach to wellness and introduces a new, innovative menu.

Pioneering the wellness travel market with integrated scientific approach to wellness and diet in particular, Ti Sana has introduced an innovative new menu which complies with the top scientific research around people’s diet.

The new menu enhances the overall results of Ti Sana’s key wellness programme Healtheatarian through specially selected ingredients and cooking techniques, demonstrating how scientific approach to wellness and food in particular can deliver guaranteed health results. It also continues to exalt all senses and bring pleasure with every bite, through traditional Italian and international tastes.

Start the day with delicious apple detox cake or yummy Scandinavian rice milk muesli. Continue exploring innovative cuisine during the day with the likes of Indian matar mushrooms, soy linguine and cucumber mousse. You can even have an ice cream - the healthy version of it, made of beetroot & fennel seed.

Mario Sela, Ti Sana Vice-President: “The most important part of designing the menu is to calculate and distribute the food in line with physiological needs of the body, throughout five meals. Proteins are always tricky as the Healtheatarian program requires an abundant intake to keep up with the activities done during the day, but we have managed to vary the source of protein and it’s now tastier than ever”.

Through a precisely calculated approach, the new menu focuses particularly on fat loss and lean mass gain with a strong attention to stress management, inflammation reduction and lifestyle management.


Whilst creating the new menu, Ti Sana’s experts made an effort to show to its guests how easy it can be to become a healthy eater in daily life and continue the same lifestyle at home, whilst also bringing creativity and delicious taste to every meal we eat.

The menu maintains the macro traits of Ti  Sana’s key Healthatarian philosophy and has the following properties: circadian, low in salt, hypo caloric, alkalizing, organic, rich in micro nutrients and enzyme. It is customised to each guest depending on their specific needs. All meals are fully vegan apart from noble proteins from egg white. Vegan guests can opt for soy based products as well as a combination of grains.

All the fruits and vegetables used to prepare the food at Ti Sana are locally sourced organic products, with many of them coming from its own garden. All grains, legumes, protein soy based products and eggs are organic.

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